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Why RGIII should win the Heisman

brady2moss December 10, 2011 2

As that fateful Saturday night looms, water cooler talks about who should win the Heisman are heating up. Will it be the ball hawking corner from LSU  Tyrann Mathieu,  or the touchdown machine from Wisconsin that we call Montee Ball, the prototypical quarterback from Stanford in Andrew Luck or the work-house running back from the Crimson Tide Trent Richardson? I say neither, the only one who will, the only one who should win the Heisman is RGIII, and it’s not even close.

The reason Tyrann Mathieu is a finalist is because of his game changing ability and all the Heisman moments he has had from the Oregon game to what I think is one of the plays of the year in that strip and recover sack against Kentucky to a punt return against UGA that gave LSU their swagger back in that game. For every moment Mathieu has had, RGIII has had one. From going out and shredding TCU’s defense in week one, a defense that has been more than dominant in the past few seasons. You could look to the Oklahoma game, where Griffin simply took over when it mattered the most. Many people thought he would struggle against Texas’ Top Ten Defense, where he completed almost 70 percent of his passes while throwing for over 300 yards and had two touchdowns to just one pick and also ran it in for two touchdowns.

The case for Montee Ball is his touchdown total, one who is second to only the great Barry Sanders. His 38 touchdowns are jaw dropping and he is really a dual threat, out the backfield as a receiver and doing what he does best, running the football behind a very good, if not the second best, offensive line in the nation. Griffin has 45 touchdowns, and is also a dual threat, as a pocket passer and when he takes off, something I am surprised the Olympian doesn’t do more often.

Andrew Luck is known for making few mistakes and for rising Stanford out of the cellar of the Pac 12 and become legitimate national championship contenders.  Griffin has done the same, with perhaps, less weapons, especially on the offensive line. Luck has thrown nine picks, Griffin has thrown only six. Griffin led the Bears to their first Top 25 ranking in almost three decades and they will be looking for their first win in two decades. Another interesting stat is that Griffin has almost 900 more yards then Luck, while Luck has thrown four more passes the RGIII.

What about the always reliable Trent Richardson? Trent’s 6.0 YPC and twenty touchdowns are jaw dropping and when you add the amount of carries and his toughness, you see why he is an Heisman finalist. Trent also has three touchdowns as a receiver but the main factor for him is consistency. He has ran for over 100 yards in all but three games and has had a touchdown in all but one game. Griffin has had over 300 yard passing in all but three games this season and has scored in some way, either on the air or on the ground, in all of his games.

Any case you can make for any of these other finalist could be made for Robert Griffin. He makes big plays, he scores, he rarely makes mistakes and you know what you get week in and week out. To me, there should be no doubt in those voters mind that Robert Griffin deserves the Heisman.


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