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WFF: Rexis’ “Third And Long | A St. Louis Rams Franchise”

LaserRocketArm March 20, 2013 0

By Vinsane

This week’s featured franchise belongs to Rexis for his “Third And Long | A St. Louis Rams Franchise”. Rexis has been posting the chise for awhile now on the site and I finally got a chance to sit down with him for a moment to talk about his chise. Some might argue that March Madness would be better suited for a College Hoops franchise but, with Rexis in the middle of the playoffs. There’s a bracket to be had.

Is that Sam Bradford? Yes, and no. It’s QB Daniel Rocker in Rexis’ franchise.

I’m currently in the 2015/16 season, just at the very end of postseason play. Took over in 2009, we sucked that year. Selected QB Daniel Rocker with the first pick in the 2010 draft. It’s been a rebuilding process the whole time. We’ve made two trips to the NFC title game, unsuccessful both times.
Been writing essays all week people, I’ll punt a Barbie doll from the top story of a Marriott if I have to write any more paragraphs. Seriously , it’s all on page 1…. Okay, most of it can be found on page 1.

Q: As always, tell us why you selected the St. Louis Rams as your Franchise team?

A: I like a challenge in my franchises. I chose the Rams because at the time I started this franchise, they were a team in the rebuilding phase and weren’t very popular on internet message boards. I’m sure there’s more to it but it’s been a while so I can’t exactly recall.

Q: Does the current ownership situation in St. Louis effect your chise? Or have you stayed away from that aspect of the organization in favor of “Saving the City”?

A: I haven’t been following the Rams in real life. I know they drafted Sam Bradford a while back and lost Steven Jackson to the Falcons this year.

Q: Are you looking to recapture the “Greatest Show On Turf” or are you more motivated to blaze your own path?

A: Just doing our own thing for now. The Greatest Show On Turf is a tough act to follow, I don’t want to put any added pressure on my virtual team. Right now we are punching way above our weight, we’ll just ride that and let fate take its course.

Q: You put a lot of limits on yourself at the beginning of your chise. Do you feel like this helps things be more realistic? Is realism something you aim for?

A: I try to keep it realistic from the start then make the necessary changes as the nature of the team changes.

Q: What is the most intriguing storyline in your franchise right now?

A: Tough to say because we are right at the end of the postseason. They were many throughout the regular season however. Mark Sanchez having a terrific year with the Jets was interesting and Charles Sizemore catching 160 passes was intriguing as well. We also had Peyton Manning playing awfully good at 40 years old.

Q: Something else I noticed is you giving out stats from a lot of featured games. How long does that take you to do other teams reports as well as your teams?

A: I actually play (I set the controller to the defensive team or else injuries will be turned off, I don’t know why) every single game every single week starting this season so it takes anywhere from a week to a month. I don’t rush to get in games because I’m quite busy with school, work, and life in general.

Q: Going forward in your franchise what are your goals? Do you think you’ve assembled a team worth winning the Super Bowl?

A: The goal in the beginning was to get this team competitive and we’ve achieved that. Winning it all is next on the list. We’re a very young team; I’d say give it a couple more seasons and we could be hoisting a Lombardi.

Q: The last question is always the same. What keeps you going as a franchiser? What advice could you give to others to help them with their chises? Are you planning on any new projects in the future with the new line up releases?

A: I love seeing what the league would look like after all the real guys retire. That’s my main motivation. Advice to others? Just play and write to enjoy yourselves. Don’t start a franchise because you anticipate others telling you how great it is. I’ve seen too many guys start a franchise thread, post two or three articles and quit because no one else has left a comment.
No new projects from me. As a matter of fact Madden 10 and Football Manager 12 are the only games I played last year and I intend for it to stay that way for now.


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