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WFF: redsox907′s Washington Natonals Franchise

brady2moss March 30, 2012 0

First off, give us a quick summary of your chise up to this point.
I’m 1/4 of the way through the season with a record of 41-25, good for 1st in the NL East. The first month and a half was up and down, but once our offense started clicking we were off rolling.

What made you choose this team?
I was originally going to go with my Sox, but wanted more of a challenge. Washington has a nice young club with lots of pieces to build around.

And Stras is my nig.

What’s your teams strengths and weaknesses? 
Our greateset strength is our pitching. 1-4 (stras, gio, edwin jackson, and jzimm) we can matchup with anyone in the MLB imho, and its a definite plus knowing that just about every game I’ve got a chance as long as I can execute my pitches.

Weakness would have to be defense, which is detrimental to the pitching staff ironically enough. Defense is usually a problem with young teams, as they tend to lose concentration at times, and it reflects in their ratings. It can get frustrating when you get that crucial double play or ground ball to end the scoring threat, and the throw gets air mailed into the outfield. But that’s something we’ve got to work on to contend for a world series.

Who is your favorite player on your team?
It’d be easy to say Strasburg or Harper, but I’m going to have to go with Danny Espinosa. He’s got a great glove at 2B, and can do it all offensively. He hits for contact, can shoot the ball into the gap, and hit the long ball. Add in the fact that he’s got speed on the basepaths? That’s an all around player if I’ve ever seen one lol.

.Who has been your best acquisition? (through sign/trade)
Haven’t made any signs or trades yet to this point in the season, with the only two main roster moves being calling up Bryce Harper, and demoting John Lannan recently, so it’d have to be Harper lol. He’s one of the best players on my team, and is one of the offensive leaders statistically despite missing the 1st month.

Greatest moment in your chise so far
Would have to be the sweep of the Phillies ] in May. We were sitting 2 games back in the division at that point, having been swept by the Phils at home in April. But we went into their house and got the sweep to take a 1 game lead in the division, and we haven’t looked back building the lead to 5.

What other chises do you follow on here?
the only ones I actively follow are the MLB ones, but if something catches my eye in ispy or I see a link in the cb I’ll take a look and comment on it

If you could improve/change one thing about DSS, what would it be?

Have any tips for other chisers?
Stick with it, don’t start a chise then start another one a few weeks later. Play a few games with a team before deciding to chise with them, then as I said stick with it. Sometimes you won’t get tons of followers immediately, but ultimately you should be doing this to have fun, not to get people to follow you. If your only goal is to get a bunch of followers, then your chise isn’t going to last to begin with.
And write articles. Everyone can play games, articles make a chise imo.

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