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WFF: Mike3′s “New Traditions. Wizards Basketball.”

LaserRocketArm March 17, 2013 1

By Vinsane

This week’s Weekly Featured Franchise award goes to Mike3 for his stellar “New Traditions. Wizards Basketball.” Chise. Below I had a minute to pick Mike’s brain about the chise and have him describe up to this point what’s been going on in his franchise.

pic: game 5 of the ECF against Miami, us young wiz celebrate a huge win to go up 3-2 in the series, our first win on the road vs Miami.

Thought this pic sums up my season so far, a season full of excitement, a young team not expected to do much go crazy with a run and gun style of play to take the league by storm lead by young star John Wall.

So I am currently in the Eastern Conference Finals vs Miami, we finished the season with a impressive record (unsure exactly) but not what you’d expect from Wizards. I wanted to take a team to the next level with one star really stepping up his game, that being Wall. Wall has taken my guys to where I’m playing now, he was leading the M.V.P race a lot of the year and should’ve won it I thought. I’ve bulked up my bench to a high level, Jordan Crawford has been dominant at times being the 6th man. I acquired Jeff Green and ‘Agent Zero’, Gilbert Arenas made a return to the Wizards and the NBA. While Booker has been one of my fav players on this team.

Q: The first question is always the same. What is the reason you chose the Washington Wizards as your franchise team?

A: Well as you probably know, I love my Clippers. Chised with them the last few years but wanted to change it up. Wizards caught my attention because of there all round team with ‘surprise potential’, probably the best way to describe it. When healthy, the Wizards lineup actually doesn’t look that bad so I wanted to see what I could do with a young under achieving team in need for some success. And like every good team, you need a superstar. John Wall isn’t quite that in real life yet but in 2k, I wanted to make him one.

Q: John Wall is always an interesting debate amongst NBA analyst. He is a star caliber player but his body of work hasn’t lived up to his potential yet. That being said what is it you like about your digital John Wall and what has he provided in your chise to this point?

A: Sounds kind of corny, but like real life, I think Wall’s game just needs some fine tuning focusing on decision making. Use what he’s got and improve his weakness’, his natural ability to play the game is obvious, he’s got natural skill, his athleticism and speed makes him near impossible to guard when used right. I think his decision making and tendency to be out of control let’s him down though and has been his down fall, along with his jump shot. So John Wall for me, use his speed, his penetration to set up team mates and it’s all about when to shoot and when to pass. Obviously in a game it’s easier but it’s kinda the same when relating to real life, when to pass and shoot. My association, choosing when to pass and score himself well has made him this dominant player in season 1 for me. Season 2 I plan on improving his jumpshot like he would be in real life, depending on how long this goes.

Q: And besides John Wall who is another player on this team that you feel is a key piece moving forward in your chise?

A: I could name a few, Beal, Jeff Green. But I’ll go with Ariza because he’s been the main surprise for me in the game with his ability to do everything in the game. He can be very hot and cold but when he gets it stroking and running he pressures guys like crazy, hands in the passing lane, rebounds, blocks (which has surprised me how many he can get) and scores, using his athleticism and the 3 ball. Ariza is key moving forward because he is that game changer and energy guy you want on your team. If I can develop him even further he can be a near trip dub kinda guy every game, wishful thinking but Ariza’s a gun in the game. A lot of fun.

Q: Are you an avid basketball fan?

A: Basketball is my life, seriously. Without sounding like it’s all I do. But my passion in life is basketball, it’s a lot more than just a sport or hobby for me sometimes. I follow all NBA games every day watching game highlights of all game with the rare exception. I play 2 times a week, more if I could with close friends. Shoot around as much as possible, it can just be an escape. Some people don’t see how amazing sport can be. But I do, I love the absolute passion and heart you see NBA players play with, just the love of the game. I love playing the game and I won’t ever stop I don’t think. It’s just awesome. So the answer, yes, in case you couldn’t tell. Then obviously I chise as well.

Q: Your layout is very unique and eye catching. What is a piece of advice you could give other members? Specifically what could you tell another member about presentation and the time it takes to deliver?

A: I alway’s try to come up with something special or different but don’t worry about it to much. People will like your chise more if it’s clean, easy to understand, and you go through games rather than spend a whole page on one game update. Add a kind of ‘story’ vibe to each game to tell the story of the game. That’s what I try to focus on in my layout.

Q: Your Eastern Conference Finals series with Miami. Tell us what it’s like to be the underdog going up against the freight train. In the back of your mind are you thinking “Is it unrealistic to get over on Miami?”

A: There near unstoppable sometimes on the game. Makes it even better when you beat them though. I set the defensive rotations to back off LeBron and Wade and make them jump shooters, to then double them in the key/post. They still score a fair bit but it seems to work. Defensive setting’s help. I do actually haha. But I think I play on a fairly hard enough difficulty so why not try to win every game. Stranger things have happened in the NBA I guess, its a game so I like to make a good story. If I can win it all with the Wizards then I will, the challenge is to beat the cpu/game so why not. Who knows what would happen if John Wall went crazy irl and jumped to the elite level.

Q: Like the first, the last question is always the same. In your experience tell us what has kept you going as a chiser? What advice could you give to fellow members to help them keep going with their chises? Lastly what is something you would like to see more of in the Franchise section?

A: Extra hobby to do on the side, it’s enjoyable. Makes ‘video games’ a bit more fun. I like to make story’s in the sport I love and this is a way I can do it. I think it’s really just anything to do with my passion of basketball and it’s fun to do in some spare time.
What I would like to see in the franchise section.. how about some activity. DSS is dead lately, the good old days when chises would go crazy, you’d post a game and get at least round 10 responses discussing different players, what they’d like to see happen in your chise etc. Just get this place going again, make realistic stories with teams. There the one’s I like to follow. Real life teams with real players, realistic trades thought out to help build the team of your choice. I remember some good ones when DSS first happened, mfbmike’s Raptors focused on Bayless I think. Agent has had a few which have been nice as always, but even he’s lost his chising activity.


Again we here at DSS thank Mike3 for his contribution to the site. If you would like your franchise featured on our site? Simply post it. And a word for next week? College basketball will be gearing up for March Madness as will we. Keep posting you CHoops2k8 nuts, your time is coming!

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