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WFF – Maize’s “What’s Not to Like?” Cavaliers Franchise

LC July 17, 2012 0

First off, give us a quick summary of your chise up to this point.
I am into my third season with the Cavs. We are tied for the best record in the Central Division heading into January. In year one, we won 30 games and Kyrie Irving lost out to Kemba Walker for Rookie of the Year. That season, the Thunder won the NBA Title. In year two, we started terribly but got healthy, traded for Tyreke Evans and ended strong winning 37 games. The Bulls beat the Lakers in the NBA Finals. So the Heat haven’t won a title yet, even though LeBron James has been the MVP each season.

What made you choose this team?
I follow Cleveland sports and I am rooting for the Cavaliers to succeed post-LeBron. I thought about going with my Pistons, but I like Kyrie and wanted to build a title contender with him running the point. It hasn’t been easy so far, but I think I finally have a playoff team.

What’s your teams strengths and weaknesses? 
Our strength is definitely our backcourt right now; I have two players who can score in a variety of ways. Another strength is our athleticism and hustle, not something that equates in a video game, but I do like how we get up and down the floor. The biggest weakness is the team defense, although Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Tristan Thompson can hold their own. Besides them, rookie center Steven Adams isn’t much of a post-defender yet. Kyrie is just terrible defensively, and Tyreke isn’t much better. The bench players don’t add much on the defensive end either.

Who is your favorite player on your team?
My favorite player is probably Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. He was our first pick in the 2012 Draft (third overall). He is still developing, but I like using him, especially on defense. MKG is starting to have some nice offensive games and he is a beast defensively.

Who has been your best acquisition? (through sign/trade)
No doubt it has been Tyreke Evans. At the start of the 2012-13 season, Daniel Gibson was starting at shooting guard. This was after I traded Ramon Sessions to the Utah Jazz for a 2013 First Round Pick (later turned into Steven Adams). Gibson got hurt and I was screwed. I scrambled and was trying to patchwork a starting five until he came back. His return in February led me to trade him, Omri Casspi and two first round picks to Sacramento for Tyreke Evans and a 2014 First Round Pick. So we basically got Evans and swapped ’14 firsts. Evans is a total stud and our best scorer and overall player right now.

Greatest moment in your chise so far
I think the best moment so far was ending last season on a five game win streak. I was watching the playoff picture closely and we had an outside shot to jump Toronto and get into the final spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. It ended up we missed the playoffs by two games, but we made it interesting. Being in a playoff race is fun in 2K, but this year I hope we make it in without worrying too much.

What other chises do you follow on here?
For basketball, I follow a lot of the active ones. The best 2K12 association was Agent’s Reviving Royalty. A few of my other favorites were Vinsane’s Cavaliers, Soapy’s Rip City, DeeJay’s Jazz, benn al’s Bulls, DaaVeedLooEece’s Cavaliers. I am already looking forward to some of the ones being posted for next year. I really try to follow everything that is active, we have a great dynasty community here.

If you could improve/change one thing about DSS, what would it be?
The recent changes to the homepage and adjusting the forum have been nice. It is also nice to see some posters coming back just for NCAA Football season. If I could improve anything, it would probably be my record in the sim league. But there is really nothing I would change with DSS right now.

Have any tips for other chisers?
My biggest tip for basketball is to find a layout for game recaps that works for you. Not every game needs to be covered like it’s the Finals. Once you find a recap that works, it is easier to update consistently. Also, don’t try to do too much, just enjoy it and make sure it is interesting for you, not just the reader.


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