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WFF: Black Caesar’s “i Giallorossi! Roma! Roma! Roma!”

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March 5th, 2013
By Vinsane

The Weekly Featured Franchise is a staple here at DSS. It’s an award that recognizes activity and thanks a member for their contribution to our forum. It gives everyone a chance to not only be featured but to check out a part of the site that often goes overlooked.

The newest recipient of this award is Black Caesar for his “i Giallorossi! Roma! Roma! Roma!” Franchise.

Black Caesar’s Franchise is on Fifa ’13 and I got a chance to interview him about his franchise up to this point.


 The first thing everyone wants to know is, why did you select Roma as your franchise team?
Hm, there are a few reasons I went with Roma. They have a storied history, they haven’t won a ton of scudettos but they’ve been around since Fascism and they’ve been in Serie A for most of it. Not many clubs in the world that can say they’ve been in the top flight for 90% of their history. I thought they had some good players who I could build around, Erik Lamela, Miralem Pjanic, Alessandro Florenzi and Alessio Romagnoli are some. Of course, I also liked their stadium and their kits.You’re currently playing your third season. You’ve played well over 100+ matches already to this point. What current or past storyline in your franchise would you like to tell us about?
League-wise, I think the most interesting storyline would be the run-ins during the first seasons. Serie A only gets 2 guaranteed group stage Champions League spots, third gets placed into the qualifying stage so there was a strong push for finishing second. In the first season, there were 3 or 4 different sides that could have finished there and at one point I was close enough to Juventus to finish top. I think it came down to the last game or two before it was confirmed that I’d be finishing in second place. My run to the Champions League final against Real Madrid was pretty surprising, though. I was expecting to go out in the knockout round, next thing you know, I’m beating one of the best teams in the world in extra time to win the biggest competition in Europe.Is there a storyline currently that a first time reader could catch onto right away?
This season, we’re trying to get over the hump. Juventus are down, Inter are down, Milan is right behind us but we have a bit of lead on them from our amazing start to the season. Football fans will know how antsy supporters and owners begin to get when their club keeps finishing in second so my entire transfer plan was based around getting as much depth as possible in the squad because it was something we lacked the first two seasons. There will be some interesting snippets coming up soon. January was a pretty strange month for Roma.How do you feel about finishing second in Serie A in each of your first two seasons?
The first season, it didn’t bother me much. We didn’t have a strong team compared to the boys in Turin and Milan and the team was pretty young so second was well above where I was expecting to finish. As for the second season, it was the exact opposite. The Champions League and TIM Cup runs tired out my team and I fell too far behind Juventus to close the gap with an exhausted team.Does finishing twice like that help motivate you to continue playing more games?
Definitely. You want to keep going one more game turns into two and so on because you begin to feel like first place is that elusive prize that has been escaping you. Also, I’ve gotten attached to the players that I brought in during the first season; Christian Eriksen, Ter Stegen, Jese Rodriguez, etc. I want to see how good they can get. It’s funny most people will counter some ridiculous amount for a player like Eriksen. I just reject them no matter how high it is. It’ll never be high enough. Besides, I don’t think my job will ever be done. Say I win Serie A but not the Champions League or TIM Cup then I have a double to go for and then a treble.Tell us about your Champions League play and how you feel about playing at a top tier level like that.
Playing in the Champions League is… different. When you play in a domestic league, you know there are going to be some teams that you come against that you can just wreck. Those games where you send out your back-up keeper who hasn’t played between the posts since 1998. Sure, this season I went 6-0-0 in the Champions League but a few of those games were tough. The fun starts when you hit the knockout round. I have a pretty tough opponent, think Real Madrid caliber, so I’m looking forward to that. But you are constantly making squad decisions, do I play these guys against Brescia and guarantee three points or do I rest them for my game against Bayern Munich two days from now? It’s a real test in prioritizing and squad management.

What is the best advice you could give to a fellow Franchiser?
It’s been beat like a dead horse but I can’t say it enough. As with anything in life, you can’t do this for other people and you can’t expect people to give you 50 comments after every update you post. Having this chise in the Other Sports section, I know it’s highly likely I’ll post pages of updates before someone says something, but it doesn’t bother me because I enjoy playing with Roma and I made a layout that takes five, ten minutes to fill out. If you do it for comments or viewership then you’re doomed to fail. You can just look at the most active chise forums and tell that the general consensus is: no comments, not doing this but as someone who reads these things on multiple forums. You can tell when someone is doing it just for comments and it turns you away. Do it because you want to or don’t do it at all. You won’t have fun anyway.

As always we here at DSS thank all of our contributors. If you would like your franchise to be featured on our site? Simply post it.


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