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WFF: Big C-Dub’s Washington Wizards

DSS News Feed November 27, 2010 0

First off, give us a quick summary of your chise up to this point.
I’m in my first season of my Washington Wizards chise. I just finished the regular season, and I’m about to start the playoffs.

What made you choose this team?
I really likes their young talent with guys like Andray Blatche, Nick Young, JaVale McGee and especially John Wall.

What’s your teams strengths and weaknesses?
Our strengths are our athleticism and 3-point shooting, our weaknesses are defense and low-post scoring.

Who is your favorite player on your team?
John Wall hands down, he’s a beast in 2K11.

Who has been your best acquisition? (through sign/trade)
Donte Greene, I got him and Samuel Dalembert from the Kings for Gilbert Arenas. Greene kept us in the playoff hunt when Andray Blatche was out for about a month with an injury.

Greatest moment in your chise so far?
It’s a toss up between making the playoffs and John wall winning rookie of the year.

What other chises do you follow on here?
I try to follow pretty much every NBA chise as much as I can. Some of favorites are GSW92′s Warriors, Agent’s Hornets, mfbmike’s Nuggets, mike3′s Clippers, G’s T’Wolves, LC’s Rockets, Flight’s Knicks, JHamm’s Kings, Natural’s Blazers & Hussla’s Bulls

If you could improve/change one thing about DSS, what would it be?
I wish we has groans

Have any tips for other chisers?
I think the best advice is the thing people say all the time, pick a team and stick with it.

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