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Weekly Featured Franchise: Vinsane’s Cavaliers Association

LC January 2, 2012 0

First off, give us a quick summary of your chise up to this point.

Currently, I have the Cavaliers in the midst of a playoff run. However, since the trade deadline we’ve lost a lot of scoring off our bench and it’s really shown late in games. We’re struggling to keep afloat amid the playoff push.

What made you choose this team?

It was a no brainer as it always is. Cleveland is my team and I’ve always enjoyed running with them. Going into last season there wasn’t a lot to look forward to. That’s not the case this year with the #1 Overall pick in Kyrie Irving and the #4 overall pick Tristan Thompson coming on board. I say I get just as much if not more enjoyment in thinking of and making up their development plans than I do actually playing the game.

What’s your teams strengths and weaknesses? 

There aren’t a whole of strengths to go around to be quite honest. We’re still a young squad and who only got younger during the All-Star Break. I say the strongest point of our game though is the ability to share the ball and move it around. This isn’t a selfish team and while the focus of the offense goes through Kyrie Irving and now Gilbert Arenas. It isn’t to say they’re the only offense. Any given night a different Cavalier can step up to get it done.

The weakest side of our game is currently our low post. With Anderson Varejao out on the floor I don’t have a true center starting. To fill this need I acquired Kosta Kofous at the All-Star break in hopes that I can develop him quickly during the remainder of this season and into next season. Getting him into the lane as soon as possible is the objective. The focus of Tristan Thompson’s develop is about to switch from rebounding to defense as well to help us hold down the lane.

Who is your favorite player on your team?

Wow. This is really a hard question because, I like all the players that the Cavaliers acquired last season. My personal favorite despite not wanting him in real life at #1? Would be Kyrie Irving. Learning his game took a minute but once I was able to create space I was able to start knocking down jumpers with him. His passing game is spot on as well and that really helps because I enjoy dishing assist as much as scoring.

Who has been your best acquisition? (through sign/trade)

Because, he’s a personal favorite, Gilbert Arenas. Gil has a horrible contract and I started before the amnesty cuts and what not. I thought it would be a lot of fun to ball with Gil even if it was for a short time in Cleveland. His contract also adds another challenge to the game because he’s making $20M a year. Taking that on limits me in the moves I can make in the off-season. However, I’m really looking forward to the day when it becomes a $20M expiring contract and I can make a big splash in that off season’s free agency.

Greatest moment in your chise so far

Greatest moment for me was the Rookie vs. Sophomore Challenge. Kyrie Irving played phenomenal and ended up winning Player of the Game honors. He had 23 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assist, 4 steals and 2 blocks.

What other chises do you follow on here?

I have to admit that following chises has become more difficult as the site has grown. There are a lot of guys out there who are seasoned veterans that I’ve been following for years. Mike, LC, Hussla, SuperNova, and Dj Rhude just to name a few. And then there are guys who I’m just starting to follow in Recksjr, Mudcat, Based Glenn, Cody, Messenger, and Fire. Some of those guys I mentioned in the second group have been chising for awhile as well but I’ve just started to follow their work and it’s been great so far.

This really is a close knit chising community and to be honest there aren’t many, if any, bad chises out there. Everyone has a unique spin on their games and their game’s storyline. Chising gives us a chance to look in and see how someone else does it, or how they take a different spin on a situation. It’s really fun to see how someone’s season plays out different than your own.

If you could improve/change one thing about DSS, what would it be?

In the past I’d make some witty remark about a member or say something that I wish the site would do different. However, over the past couple of years I believe we’ve worked out the kinks and as they say “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” I can’t complain where DSS is now. And it’s because of every member of this community.

Have any tips for other chisers?
One of the biggest issues with chising aside from looking like a complete nerd is finding the time to look like a complete nerd. I’ve learned over the years that less is more. Sometimes you don’t need as much depth or as much story to still put out a quality product. Taking time to move at your own pace that’s both comfortable for the chise and comfortable for you is key to enjoying your work. You don’t want a chise to feel like a chore. It’s a hobby.

Lastly, have fun. That’s what we’re really here to do after all. Enjoy great video games and put out great stories.

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