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Thanks for the memories, Terrelle Pryor

LC June 14, 2011 0

It became official that Terrelle Pryor has decided to forgo his Senior season at THE Ohio State University. This comes midist a scandal involving deals on car, and the trade of Ohio State merchandise. Pryor was put under a lot of pressure after Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel resigned.

Terrelle Pryor was one of the most highly recruited QB’s in the country his senior season in High School. He was big, fast, had a big arm, and smart. Coaches were drooling at the thought of them playing for their team. Pryor came into the spot light in a early season match up against the University of Southern California, Senior Quaterback Todd Boeckman was struggling. Ohio State ended up losing the game, but that started his OSU legacy.

Pryor went an amazing 31-4 regular season record over his 3 years with the Buckeyes. His four losses came against University of Southern California twice, Wisconsin, and Purdue. Some thought him as a heisman candidate, and an eventual 1st round pick in the NFL draft. Soon he began to have off the field issues. He called a former Ohio State great a,” fake” Buckeye for questioning Pryor. He also supported, then jailed, Micheal Vick by wearing the black chalk under the eyes.

He had tons of potential, but I can not say I am sad to see him go. He has brought more trouble than good to the university, and was one of the reasons former Head Coach Jim Tressel had to step down. He says he plans to enter the NFL’s Supplemental Draft, if there is one due to the CBA talks. If not, he said the Canadian Football League may be an option.

I hope he succeeds, but I guarentee it won’t be as a Quaterback. He will be better off playing Wide Reciever, he has the perfect frame for it. He is comparable to Plaxico Burress, who is currently in jail. No matter where he goes his off the field problems will follow him.

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