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Surprise Teams That Could Make BCS Bowls

LC June 14, 2011 0
This year they’re tons of teams with,”bounce back” potential, but only a few made my cut as surprise teams. These are teams that have the potential to win their conference and make it to a BCS bowl game.
My number one surprise team: Virginia Tech Hookies
This is a team that reminds me a lot of last year’s Auburn Tigers. They have a one year starting QB that is 6’6 245lbs and mobile. Their defense should be one of the better ones in the ACC, and they have a favorable schedule. I can see them easily winning the ACC, and being undefeated heading into Bowl Season. This is a team that should be fun to watch this season.
My number two surprise team: Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia is a team that I have kept an eye on for the last couple of years due to players like Knowshon Moreno, AJ Green and Justin Houston. I have always liked their style of play, along with their coaching.  Some people do not even have Georgia in their top 25 this season. They have a heisman candidate in Aaron Murray, and avoid the likes of Alabama, LSU and Aranksas on their schedule. The only two games I can see them losing are their first two, Boise State and the University of South Carolina. Besides that I can see them meeting LSU in the SEC championship game. They should be an at large for a BCS bowl.
My number three surprise team: Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Notre Dame is one of those teams you have to like. This year, they have the chance to redeem their winning ways. The last couple of seasons they have went down some rough roads. They are returning 17 out of their 22 starters this season, and will be under the system of Brian Kelly for the second year. This should give Dayne Crist some stability and help him progress. I am not going to say they go to a BCS game, but they SHOULD be bowl eligible.
My number four surprise team: Nebraska Cornhuskers
Nebraska is set to begin their first year in the new Big 10. They have a difficult schedule in front of them, face the top 3 in the Leaders Division. Last year they were out to a 5-0 start behind freshman phenomenal Taylor Martinez.. After Martinez went down, they took 3 losses in the second half of the season. They under prepared for Washington, and got it handed to them in a bowl game. This year they have a chance to win the Big 10 with no true number one team since Ohio State has been under investigation, and lost key players for the first 5 games due to suspensions. This is a team you should see in the Rose Bowl this year.
My number five surprise team: Texas Longhorns
Last year Texas had a 5-7 season. They have bad play at the Quarterback Position and injuries were a problem. This season they have a favorable schedule, and an experienced Quarterback at the helm of the offense. I can see the Longhorns going 9-3 or 10-2. Two key games that stand out to me are Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State. Texas looks to be a contender to win the Big 12.(Note there will be no conference title game due to only having 9 teams this season) On defense LB Kennan Robinson looks to be a Big 12 All-American. They have veteran experience this season, and with Mack Brown bring the great coach he is, don’t  be surprised if you see this team win the Big 12.

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