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About Our Staff

At Digital Sports Lounge, we take great pride in reporting the latest news and events for Sports, Sim Leagues, and Major League Gaming.

Below we have some information regarding our staff and what they specialize in:

  • Chris – moderator of the NBA Draft Discussion and Recreation forum, Chris frequently posts about top NBA news.
  • CP3MVP – moderator of The BS Sim League forum, enjoys posting about Sim Leagues and Fantasy Picks.
  • jfrancis – moderator of the General Sports section, writes on a wide range of Sports topics.
  • Yogi – moderator of the MLB Discussion forum, Yogi enjoys writing about general Baseball.
  • vantage – admin of Digital Sports Lounge, prefers writing about breaking Sports news, Video Gaming, and eSports.
  • DSL News – the username under which most of our posts go live.