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Sports Games on Playstation 4

DSL News February 22, 2013 1

Although there were no sports games shown out of the 10 games announced on Wednesday, the sports community has high hopes for a revolutionary gaming experience.

The most notable announcements at the debut was the new controller which comes with a variety of innovative features, the powerful 8-core processor that can take on even the most cutting edge PCs, and the fact that gaming will be more of a social experience than ever before!

In my opinion, the motion sensor and light bar on the controller will have the biggest impact on the sports gaming experience which will function similar to the Kinect if combined with the stereo camera. Another significant feature is the ability to share videos with your buddies all while you’re playing a game. Thanks to addition of the “share button” on the controller this couldn’t be any easier. Not only can you share videos, but cloud gaming being incorporated into the new Playstation 4 will definitely be a game changer. You can pause your game on the console and start playing right off your tablet or phone with ease. How would this affect you in a sports game such as Madden or NBA 2k? Well, think of it this way- with franchise modes you can now finalize trades while on the go and not have to be home like with previous generation consoles.Playstation 4 controller

I wholeheartedly agree with the following statement by ESPN writer and editor Zach McCann: “If sharing is as easy as Sony made it seem during Wednesday’s presentation, the PS4 is going to be the most social sports gaming experience the world has ever seen.”

Another interesting quote was by the head of EA Sports, Andrew Wilson, who told the following about the social gaming aspect of the PS4: “We don’t want to make it where the only time you can engage with our game is while you’re sitting in your lounge playing our game. We want you to be able to do stuff on your phone. We want you to be able to do stuff on Facebook. We want you to message, and text, and tweet, and see what’s going on in the virtual world, which for many gamers is as important as what goes on in the real world.”

You’ll be able to watch your friends play live at any given time and even join a game to assist a friend. Playing NBA 2K and could use another hand? Get one of your buddies to get into your game during halftime and develop a winning strategy in no time.

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  1. DSS News February 23, 2013 at 6:20 pm -

    Can’t wait for the new PS4 to come out. I’m really excited about the new features such as cloud gaming and live spectating!

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