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Someone Created a Real Life Needler Gun from Halo!

DSL News September 23, 2013 0


The unmistakable Needler weapon from the Halo series has been made real, thanks to Harrison Krix of Volpin Props. Krix constructed the above replica out of various plastics, resin, wood, glue, electric wiring, LED lights and good old-fashioned moxie. The project took seven months, and if you’ve got that kind of dedication, the project page on the Volpin Props website breaks it down into 13 segments.

Krix has worked on many game-related projects over the years, including Aperture Science portal gun replicas, Mass Effect weapon and armor replicas and even a custom “Dovahfett” helmet, but this was a project that had been brewing for some time. “The Halo Needler has been on my personal list of stuff I really want to make since I first played Halo: Combat Evolved back in college,” Krix wrote on his site.

Regarding their new weaponsmith, the Covenant had this to say: “Wort wort wort!


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Seven months and 1,400 photos later, Halo’s Needler becomes real originally appeared on Joystiq on Sun, 22 Sep 2013 11:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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