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Sir Alex Ferguson is all the buzz right now! Also, Trophies by richest soccer leagues

DSL News May 11, 2013 0

SIR ALEX FERGUSON, the most widely recognized manager in the English Premier League, has decided to retire. On May 8th, Sir Alex announced his retirement as boss of the Manchester United team. He is known to be the most successful in the short time the league has been in existence and the only one to maintain this position since the beginning in the 1992-1993 season. In this new era of Soccer (football) the most important objective for a team is to gain entry into the European Champions League. Why? Because players can test their skills against the best teams in the world as well as the fact that there is tons of money involved, so players have the opportunity to make huge salaries. From the inception of the Premier League, United Manchester has always been in the top 3 teams!

Here is a chart with the trophies won by the richest soccer (football) clubs!

Trophies by Richest Clubs in Soccer / Football

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