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Pre-Playoffs Roster Update for NBA 2k13

DSL News April 21, 2013 0

NBA 2K13 April Roster Update

2K Sports has just released yet another roster update for NBA 2K13 right in time for the NBA playoffs that began yesterday.

This update added Quentin Richardson (rated 70) and Tracy McGrady (rated 72) to the Knicks and Spurs respectively. The update also adjusts the player ratings of some which is surprising considering it’s been over a month with just one update. Any players that were injured this season will not be active until the last update after the NBA Finals.

Ratings Up: Nate Robinson (+4 to 82), Carmelo Anthony (+3 to 93), Evan Fournier (+8 to 66), Roy Hibbert (+3 to 79), Stephen Curry (+2 to 87)

Ratings Down: Aaron Brooks (-2 to 76), Shannon Brown (-2 to 74)

Injury Status: Pablo Prigioni (-7 to 56), Kenyon Martin (returns to 76), Steve Nash (returns to 82), Manu Ginobli (returns to 86)

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