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Possible Suitors for CP3

TheOhioStateFan December 10, 2011 0

As we all know, the trade for Paul to end up a Lakers uniform got rejected by NBA Owner David Stern. With that done, it now brings up a new question, where will he land?


1) LA Lakers- Even though the trade got vetoed, the three teams have all filed an appeal and re submitted it. If the Lakers were to land Paul, it would more than likely be the landing place for Dwight Howard as well. The Lakers would be weak down low after trading Gasol and Odom, but it’s a risk worth taking. Bynum is going to be out for the first five games as well. One way or another I believe we will see Chris Paul in a Lakers uniform.


2) Boston Celtics- Even though Chris Paul said he wouldn’t sign an extension in Boston, they still want him. Right now the Boston Celtics are waving Rajon Rondo, Jeff Green and two future first round picks in the face of the Hornets for Chris Paul. How long can they resist? GM Danny Ainge is looking to win a ring this season, while having the cap in the off season to try and bring talent to ensure Paul stays. This is a better trade for the Hornets in my opinion. They get a franchise point guard, a young big man and two future picks.


3) LA Clippers/ GS Warriors- You may ask why I have two teams in the third slot together, it’s because there is an equal chance he may go to one of the other. The Hornets have shown a great deal of interest in Guards Eric Gordon and Stephen Curry. Both teams are trying to acquire Paul without giving them up, calling them,” Deal Breakers.” A young guard must sound appetizing to the Hornets who will not have a dominant guard threat like Curry and Gordon. They are going to need a dominant threat and both of them could provide that. There is also a scenario where the Hornets can land Kaman who could replace David West down low if he does decide to leave.



As you see, there is no set team for Chris Paul yet. If David Stern wouldn’t have vetoed the trade then he would be in Lakers camp right now, but hey more news to talk about on the rumor mill right?

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