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Playstation 4 Release Date – Confirmed Specs

DSL News February 21, 2013 0

Playstation 4 - PS4 - Specs, Features, Release Date

Well, there you have it. The Sony Playstation 4 was finally announced yesterday, Wednesday, February 20th, 2013. It is scheduled to be released this year in November.
The confirmed specs are as follows:
PS4 Specs - Playstation 4 Specs

The PS4 is going to come equipped with an 8-core processor similar to many gaming computers and is extremely developer friendly in comparison to the PS3′s “Cell” processor. Not all games have to be streamed either as it comes with a hard drive as well. Other new features include a touchpad controller, game streaming, Playstation World which is similar to Xbox Live, and two price points – one at $429 and the other at $529.

Sony has an official USTREAM channel with live streaming of PS4 announcements: Official PS4 USTREAM Channel

Below is a video of the PS4 controller and it’s amazing specs:

Here’s a sneak preview on the new Bungie game “Destiny”:

And a sneak preview of Killzone: Shadowfall:

Last, but not least, the Infamous: Second Son sneak preview:

You can discuss the Playstation 4 more in depth on our forums in the OFFICIAL PS4 THREAD

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