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Playstation 4 – Cloud Gaming Capability

DSL News February 18, 2013 0

Sony Playstation 4It looks like the soon to be announced (Feb. 20, 2013) Playstation 4 will most likely have cloud gaming capabilities! According to the Wall Street Journal, inside sources at Sony have leaked this detail on the upcoming console.

“The new technology, to be unveiled Wednesday along with the new console, will allow users to play games delivered over the Internet, these people said. The streaming service, they added, is designed to use current PlayStation 3 titles on the new console; the new device is also expected to play new games stored on optical discs.”

The fact that Sony acquired cloud-gaming company Gaikai for $380 million last July is also an indicator that the PS4 will have live streaming of games via the cloud.

It’s not sure how Sony will go about offering this to customers. They may require a subscription similar to xBox Live, but who knows! Until then, all we can do is wait til their official announcement.

For those that don’t know anything about cloud gaming, here’s a video explaining the pros and cons:

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