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Official DSS Madden 13 Review

DSL News September 4, 2012 0

Courtesy of DSS Forum Member Lupe

Heres a real madden review I put together in about 45 Minutes. I think I touched on most of the pros and cons in it.

Madden 13 is not what I expected at all. I first tried the Demo out expecting the usual few changes here and there and they promote it and of course I go out and buy it and my money goes down the drain but this was not the case. Last year Madden was not that good as far as I’m concerned with it and after awhile I felt like I was playing the same game over and over. Usually Madden last’s for me months after the Superbowl but 12 was not to be with Lackluster Commentary, A Franchise Mode that they promoted as new and fantastic and great that fell stale within a season and Gameplay that was much like 11. For Madden 13 that is not the case. Veterans of Madden will take some time getting used to for what the game is right now with the way the gameplay has changed but after a game or so you should know what you are doing.

After having the game now for a week I can say that for sure this is a great Madden but not as great as other reviews are claiming it to be. What’s not so great I’ll get to later but what is great is that Madden 13 has come in with the intention to improve almost everything. There is no more terrible Soundtrack that they have every year that I put on mute and go through the menus without sound. The gameplay is much improved with the tackling but could for sure use a patch. I see players flying aroudn everywhere with just a tap from another player and it’s just kind of annoying. Gang Tackles are actually in this game and I actually feel the need to fight for every yard unlike years back when they were promoting the fight for every yard and gang tackles I feel like it’s actually in this game and it’s actually good.

The New Passing System is also a welcome addition and if you learn how to use it correctly you can put the ball where you want it to go directing it where you want it to be. One thing I like is how your Receiver or DB has to actually see the ball to make a play on it. Gone are the days of throwing up a deep ball and the Corner making a catch with his back turned to the ball and you raging about how he got it with his back turned and not knowing the ball was coming his way. Finally tackling is different and I no longer see the same tackle animations every 5 plays. Contact is great and now if you hit the wrong hole or make a mistake your back will run into your O-Line and fall down due to contact. Sometimes the Contact does go a bit out of Control I would say due to getting stuck between 3 Offensive Linemen at times and your guy just falling down. It does get annoying but if you make the right decision it won’t happen. Another issue is the injury situation. Players feet will get tangled and knees will get caught under other players yet no injury will happen. Yet when a defensive player makes a tackle on somebody he will somehow get hurt.

The Presentation is finally SOLID this year. It’s solid and a step up from last years “running from the cops speed” commentary and same shots of teams running out to the field every game. It’s good and the shot of Jim and Phil in the booth really adds to the game looking and feeling like a real game. The CBS like presentation is also a much needed addition to Madden. Little things make me happy when I play madden such as seeing two players talking to each other on the field from different teams and still hearing player chatter. The crowd noise is great and is actually different throughout each stadium. The issues with the commentary I have is that it is not meant for long term. And what I mean by that is that season 2 of Connected Career Mode I’ll still hear them talking like Andrew Luck is a rookie and it honestly annoys the crap out of me. I’ll never hear anything about playoff standings or stats this season or anything like that in Connected Career Mode. It’s like I’m playing an exhibition game on Madden the way they talk about things. It’s a step up but it still has issues. NBA 2k’s Commentary is what Madden should be taking notes from.

The thing that I was so excited for this year in Madden was Connected Career Mode which I’m cool with but I still feel like another year and this mode can be 100%. Right now it only feels about 75%. It’s a great mode don’t get me wrong but if you actually play through it for awhile I kind of do feel like I’m playing the same season twice. Alot of the same players get cut or traded during the Pre-Season. I do not like the menu system and I had to scrounge around just to find league leaders since it was hiding from me. There is no report on trades or signings. I would go into games and find out who signed where and say “oh he signed there”. Players get released randomly. In my 2nd season simming with the cowboys I saw Legarrette Blount get cut and in another CCM I simmed with Arizona the Ravens cut Vonta Leach for no reason at all. I’m starting to see some of the same tweets. I like the tweets thing that they have but ea had to know this would get stale fast.

The progression this year is good but for Running Backs it seems to be broken with Matt Forte at 35 years old still a 91 Overall starting for Chicago averaging 3 Yards a Carry. I like the drafting system this year with the tweets on who you pick and how good the pick is. The stories on the news feed is great and talking about NCAA is good too if your scouting that player and news story pops up about him. I encounted Kurt Warner coming out of retirement in one of my first sims and was happy to see that. The XP Progression is fantastic and works out well to me. I enjoy trying to get one of my Wideouts to get alot of XP such as Dwayne Harris on the Cowboys so I can develop him into a star. The last issue I have with CCM is the freezing issue. The freezing after going through and simming for awhile bothers me so I have to keep saving every so often in case of a freeze.

Connecting superstar mode and combining it with Franchise Mode was a good idea but falls short in my book. I am not talked about on Commentary at all if I recall and it’s just flat out boring just like last year. It was a good idea and I like how you can pick to be drafted high, low or undrafted. But I just can’t see myself playing this like I did with NBA 2k’s My Players. I think this should be a mode itself instead of connected cause I don’t feel like the focus is truely on my Player that I have made. I expect to atleast have my name called out when I make a tackle or when I make my debut on the field. I would also think an agent would be in order to talk to through email on the game to actually feel like it’s about my player. I feel like CCM was meant for team control. The Practices is Connected Career mode are a waste of time in my eyes. They take forever and there is no commentary and no crowd noise it’s just you in a quiet practice area practicing against the 2nd team to earn XP. This should have been thought out better cause it takes forever and isn’t fun at all. Atleast add some spice with post-practice interviews or something. Make it worth my time to actually play this crap. Also finding out that ratings change when you pick certain playbooks or run certain schemes made things cool until I found out when I went into a game that when I looked on my Depth Chart the ratings don’t change at all and it’s only overall that changes and that doesn’t matter.

This Years Madden is fun. It has some issues but it’s fun if you can get past all the bugs that will most likely be fixed with patches but I knock it cause these issues should have been caught by ea and fixed. The Online is improved and theres not much lag from what I can tell. My only issue is the mics don’t work that well and that can be fixed. Online League Players finally get a good mode to play with friends with CCM going online. The whole making a coach thing is really unrealistic in my eyes with you making a coach and all of a sudden that current coach gets fired. Coaching should be a whole new mode in itself much like NFL Head Coach. I usually take over as a current coach and go that route. I’m gonna enjoy Madden for awhile and the replay value on it is pretty high in my book. I give it a 8.5/10.

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