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NFL Blitz Returns in January 2012 as EA Sports title

LC October 21, 2011 0

“NFL Blitz” was my first sports game that I ever played. I wasn’t much of a football fan but I enjoyed NFL Blitz as a kid. It was so unrealistic looking back at it, but it was a good way to have fun with a sports game and easy to play with friends. Who doesn’t love a game where you can trashtalk, throw crazy passes, and players catch on fire? There were no penalties, 30 yards for a first down – so you had to make big plays and do crazy things often. This will all return in January 2012 with EA Sports resurrection of “NFL Blitz”.

Blitz was originally made by Midway games, who lost their chance to continue the franchise when EA Sports got NFL exclusivity. Midway produced “Blitz: The League” in 2006, and “Blitz: The League 2″ in 2008 – which provided a darker side of football – with drugs, animations of bones being broken and a crazy storyline where you take an upstart team to the pros. The original NFL Blitz didn’t have any of that, just straight up arcade football. And that’s how EA Sports wants the first release to be. EA Sports released “Madden NFL Arcade” in 2009, but it failed to the crowds from Madden. “NFL Blitz” is a different game, and takes realism out of the question.

All 32 NFL teams plus fantasy teams like Robots, Zombies and Gorillas will be in the game. Blitz should be a pick up and play style of game – no intense playcalling or 15-button mashing – just straight arcade football. There will be a feature called “Elite League” which seems alot like Madden’s Ultimate Team where you can make your team of dreams from NFL players, and there will be powerups you can gain like there was in the original NFL Blitz titles.

There will also be 2-on-2 co-op as you and your online friend will look to make some crazy plays against another two-man team. The game will have commentary – but more relaxed and should be more comedy-based and loose. The gameplay for the game will be fast-paced football, featuring the 7-on-7 wide-open gameplay of the original arcade hit. It will feature two minute quarters, 30 yards to get a first down, no penalties (not even for unsportsmanlike conduct – so celebrate your heart out), bodyslamming tackles and players on fire.

The game will be $14.99 available in the PlayStation Store and on the XBOX Live Marketplace slated for a January 3rd, 2012 release – just in time for playoffs in the NFL.







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