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New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Ring

LC May 16, 2012 0

Above are the New York Giants Super Bowl rings.  They are pretty dope I guess, I’ve seen better.

The World Champion New York Giants let the rest of the world see what their Super Bowl XLVI rings will look like.

The ring shows love to all four of the Giants’ championship teams. It was designed by Tiffany & Co. and made of white gold.

“We wanted it to represent the four trophies and have that feeling that you made the best ring that you could have made,” defensive end Justin Tuck said in a statement released by the team. “I think we captured that.”

Some of the ring highlights include: four Lomardi trophies representing all of their championships in ’86 ’90 ’07 and ’11, the final score of Super Bowl XLVI that they won over the New England Patriots — “21-17″, 37 blue sapphires, the words “Finish” and “All in”.

“We definitely wanted ‘Finish,’ we definitely wanted ‘All in,’ ” Tuck said in the statement. “Those were two things we prided ourselves on, not only during the season, but especially through the playoff run. And we won games that way. So we definitely wanted those in there.”

“The blue makes it a little different,” Eli Manning said in the statement. “We wanted some blue — the Giants are Big Blue. We definitely wanted to get a little blue to spark it up a little bit.”

Congrats to the New York Giants.



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