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NCAA Football 13 Patch 2 out for PS3 & 360

Iron Dragon August 15, 2012 0

Here’s what is in the patch. Disappointing that the uniform store is empty for now.


  • Zone Defense has been updated.

- We improved receiver leverage logic as well as predicting when a receiver will be in or out of their zone.
- Improved Deep Half Zone decision making about when to split between uncovered receivers. Also, allow more zone overlapping in deep half to cover more area.
- Deep half defenders were dropping too close to the sideline or dropping outside when no receiver was outside of their position.

  • No-Huddle QB Spy bug fixed. Defenders will no longer go into spy assignments while in man coverage.
  • Receivers weren’t looking for hot-read passes.
  • CPU QBs passing during the drop would get set passes instead of on-the-run inaccurate passes.
  • Change the logic of man defenders so they don’t run into the backfield and past the receiver they are covering.
  • Route running near sideline was causing issues especially on comeback routes.
  • Fixed players not respecting global show blitz/press/back off coverage after handing off a receiver.
  • Fixed sideline streak routes so they don’t get clamped in a way that the route would end after 10 or 15 yards.
  • Drive summaries should now reset after each scoring drive.
  • Fixed HB stretch play issue where TE’s would be frozen in place during certain blocking animations.
  • Fixed an issue where if a defender made an interception in the end zone and fumbled the ball before his feet touched the ground, it was being counted as a fumble and not an incomplete pass.
  • Resolved an alignment issue where DB on HB would pick up FB instead of HB when HB was put in motion
  • Removed exploit that allowed users to create slant routes to the sideline by motioning a WR and flipping the play.
  • QB Rushing up the middle from under center effectiveness has been balanced.
  • FG holders are no longer downed by contact.
  • Increased frequency of AI using ball carrier special moves.
  • AI play call tuning: No 4th and long run calls; less draws and screens.
  • Ball Hawk feature implemented for user pass defense.
  • Fixed frozen players after celebration dives.
  • Fixed wildcat Play Action exploit.
  • Fixed Defenders not reacting to the QB on read option and option plays when the users defensive adjustment vs. option is set to Aggressive.
  • Fixed shake blitz exploit.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed kicking team to recover squib kicks using low rated kickers.
  • Fixed defensive hot routes after offensive play flip.
  • Fixed issue where waiting for the defense to make their adjustments before picking a play when running ho huddle/hurry up offense caused the defense to reset their play back to the original play.
  • Fixed ‘Jump the Snap’ blitz exploit.
  • Resolved issue where defenders would not react or would be stuck in read and react behavior vs. the option.


  • Once a promise becomes active, it was duplicating after each week advance.
  • Recruit Reports & Advisory options remained even after the “Allow Time Savers” setting was turned off.
  • Schools with a D+ Program Tradition could not get their grade increased through wins and championships.
  • In the off-season, post season games were not shown to have been played.
  • Fixed an issue where walk-on players were not appearing on the Online Dynasty Web Site.
  • You will now get your points back if a recruit instantly commits during a phone call.
  • Fixed an issue where swayed pitches and grades weren’t being displayed correctly.

Custom Playbooks

  • Fixed an issue where if CPU coaches were given a custom playbook, the players were occasionally lining up close to the ball.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to create an offensive playbook that consisted of 1 of every formation.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was sometimes losing functionality after the UI disappears in Custom Playbooks.
  • Increased the stability of the product by fixing various crashes.

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