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NCAA Football 12: “Do What You Want” in Dynasty Mode

LC May 21, 2011 0

Last year in NCAA Football ’11, EA added in a deeper Customized Conferences feature than we’ve ever seen before by allowing us to swap conferences for FBS schools and then add our TeamBuilder squads to our liking. That doesn’t even come close to what we’ll see in NCAA Football ’12.

First, you can now make your dream 16-team super conference from any conference. The Pac-16 was rumored for so long, now you can do it. Add a championship game, change division names, set rivalries that will be played every year. Want the conference to start having weekday games? You can make that happen. Want them to not have Saturday night games? You can make that happen. Conference sizes can go from 4 to 16. Now you can give the Mountain West or any non-BCS conference a BCS bowl tie-in.

Raise your hand if you loved College Hoops 2K8′s “Coaching Carousel”. Their version of the end-of-season carousel added depth and length to any dynasty, allowing you to start at a terrible school, then work your way to a mid-major and on to a powerhouse. If things go right, NCAA Football 12 does this. You can now start as an offensive or defensive coordinator at a school, work your way up from the bottom to the top. Or you can try to start at the top and stay there and hope you meet your contract goals. You can fire assistants, hire new ones, previous head coaches and see what the NCAA does every year between seasons.

Finally, an Online Dynasty feature has been added: Web games and advancing from the web. Want to run a dynasty without ever turning on your console after setting it up? With web recruiting from the website and all of that added last year. This year you can SuperSim a game from the web by calling the plays and watching an ESPN GameCast-esque version of your game. You can advance online dynasties from the web as well.

Last year’s Madden NFL slogan was “Simpler. Deeper. Quicker.” I think you can almost add that slogan to NCAA Football 12. If you love dynasty mode, then this might be the best year so far for the feature in the game all-time.

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