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NCAA Football 12 adds Coach Mode, editable coaches to game

LC May 14, 2011 0

Another new way to play will be added to NCAA Football 12, which will release on July 12. In their live stream on UStream, EA Sports’ Roy Harvey announced that a new feature – Coach Mode and the Broadcast camera will be in the game.

“Coach Mode” has been able to be somewhat played with the QB auto pass function, but in NCAA Football 12, players will be able to put on coach mode, call the play, make pre-play adjustments and will be able to watch the CPU take control from the new Broadcast camera angle. The more hardcore style gamers will love this feature as many have wanted it for years to get the “coach” feeling. Some also enjoy to watch games and will be able to do so from a new camera in the game – a broadcast-style camera.

There are not many details known about coach mode yet, but you can edit a coach’s looks as they will appear on the sideline for the first-time on the current gen releases. So now you can be a virtual Chip Kelly, Nick Saban, Gene Chizik or any college football coach – even your own.

While we have not yet seen the broadcast camera, it was described as being from the sideline – so it will probably mirror Madden’s version.

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