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NBA Live 13 & Why the NBA Live Series Should Die

DSL News September 17, 2012 0

NBA Live 13 Review

Looking back on Live 05 – they kind of look like Midgets

I’m a big fan of the NBA Live Series. I started out on NBA Live 2005 and have bought every Live ever since, but I think it’s time for EA to shut down the NBA Live series and put it to bed forever. NBA Live is reminding me of the Tony Hawk Series or The Sonic Series. Both of them just won’t die. The NBA Live Series has embarrassed after giving us NBA Elite 11 and giving us pretty much Poop on a Stick. It was awful and when the Jesus Andrew Bynum hit youtube the game was cancelled for good and they went back to the drawing board and took 2 years off to now bring us NBA Live 13.

NBA Live 13 Review

This brings me to my next point. NBA Live 10 should have been a building block on for NBA Live 11. NBA Live 10 was a good Basketball game and could have been used as a building block for Future NBA Lives. It got good ratings and good reviews and should have been used as a game to build off to Compete with 2k. Instead we get Elite 11 and it is the laughing stalk of Sports Gaming all around the world. I’ll never forget seeing the Jesus Andrew Bynum video and laughing at it. A week or so later the game was cancelled and 2k is in the clear with nobody to compete with. I have no idea what they were thinking with elite 11. You take the game in a 100% different direction and it is crap. Then you have 2 years off and now you give NBA Live 13. If you take 2 years to make a game it should be fantastic right?

NBA Live Series

Instead I am greeted with leaked NBA Live 13 Gameplay of the Thunder and Heat and all I see is Stick Figures running up and down the court and EA puts this off as a early build or something like that and that’s not how the finished product will look? Then the trailer is released and I see about 20 dunks from different players and it shows me absolutely nothing and gives me no reason to buy this game and not to mention the same shot and layup animations I have been seeing since Live 05.

Now Live 13 has been delayed and there is something about it being available on Xbox Live and PSN for $20? I think it will most likely be cancelled and EA’s basketball series will be cancelled for good. You are given 2 years to develop a game and you still put out a terrible product? Let’s just be happy that EA doesn’t have exclusive rights to the NBA for games cause we would be in a whole lot of trouble. They can’t compete with 2k and Live 13 is a complete Joke. If there was any time to give it up and scrap Live it would be now cause it’s not going anywhere and it won’t ever go anywhere when you take 2 Years to Develop a game and it is still terrible.

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