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NBA 2k13 Demo Review

Lupe September 26, 2012 0

Courtesy of DSS Forum Member TheNaturalMVP

NBA 2k13 Demo Review

The presentation isn’t what we’re typically used to seeing from 2K. Usually we’re given a “broadcast” style layout in both the menus and the scoreboard, but this year it seems that Jay Z may have had more influence on the game than just picking out the songs for the soundtrack. Instead of a professional feeling, it feels more like “NBA Street” came in and took over the art aspect of the game. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the all the gold and other crazy art that’s going on. I loved what they did last year and we’re hoping they would build off of that. To me the menus, scoreboard, and transitions between highlights and free throws just feel like they don’t belong.

However, I do LOVE the opening skyline shot that pans over to the arena. If that would have been incorporated into 2K12′s presentation I think it would have been perfect. The pregame warmups and routines all look nice too. The replays and camera shots between free throws and what not are also really good in my opinion. I do like the presentation, I’m just disappointed with the almost cartoon-ish feel the menu’s have.

The gameplay is hands down the best experience I’ve had playing a basketball game, ever. The game runs fluidly, animations look good, moves tie together without any weird hitchy-ness to them.

In the many, many, many, games I’ve played already, I haven’t once felt cheated by the CPU. The defense has improved vastly, when Westbrook or Durant blow past me, it’s because it’s my fault. It’s not because I’ve been sucked into some animation that puts me out of a play, it’s not because the CPU glitches by me and is in that CPU cheat mode. The new collision detection is amazing. The bumping and grinding between the ball handler and defender is balanced, it makes playing defense fun again, where as in past games, you flat out hated it. Blocking animations look great, no more elbow, armpit, and chest blocks.

On offense, you feel in control, something a lot of people have complained about for the past few years. This goes along with the new control stick that I’m going to go over a little bit, but when you do a cross over, you do a cross over. I didn’t feel any delays or moments where I was sitting there going “What the hell?!” while the guy I’m controlling runs a circle in place and does some weird dribble I didn’t want him to do. You’re teammates move around and space the floor well (On defense they do as well). The manual bounce passing works great but isn’t abuseable. Obviously, you need to time it right and when you do you feel rewarded. That’s something I’ve noticed a lot of and have really enjoyed with the demo. Every play is on you, when you mess up, it’s because of you, when you do something right, it’s because you did something right. There’s a lot of rewarding moments with this game, that for me, have made me want the full game to come out even more.

Control Stick (Controls Overall)
I honestly thought it was going to be harder to get used to, but it really isn’t too bad. Don’t get me wrong, it will take some getting use to, but it’s not so difficult that you’ll want to smash your controller.

I do like the control stick though, I feel it’s a very effect way to maximize the control given to the player. You’re still able to do all the cross over’s from last year, plus new ones, but instead of it being on the left stick, it’s on the right. Not a huge deal. With the right stick now being home to cross over’s, the signature gathers and step backs are moves to the “B” button, while the euro step is now done by double tapping the “X” button.

I feel like this is going to be the best basketball game we’ve seen yet. There are no gameplay issues I’ve seen or heard from anybody.

Things run fluidly, the game looks great, plays great. All I know is I can’t wait until October 2nd.

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