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Madden 13′s Connected Careers Takes A Step Back from Franchise Mode

Iron Dragon June 12, 2012 0

While Madden NFL 13′s Connected Careers looks like a good idea, it may have not been the best idea to wipe out franchise mode completely and give you only this one option. Connected Careers looks promising and fun, but wiped out a lot of key things we’ve been used to seeing in Franchise Mode since the PS1 days.

Connected Careers took a step towards being a sports RPG, too bad it took a step back everywhere else in my opinion.

There is no player editing in connected careers. This is a far cry from when they allowed the feature in for the first time in Madden NFL 12. Last year they finally allowed us to edit any player in franchise mode for the first time (Along with NCAA Football 12′s dynasty mode). But one year later, none what so ever. None. Nada. Nothing. You can’t change equipment, numbers, appearance or even their position – absolutely nothing. There is no such thing as an edit player screen in Connected Careers. What is the point of that? At least turn it back to where it was in Madden 11 and earlier instead of nothing at all, but not even that made it in. Another odd feature is that you can only use the default EA roster or roster update when starting a Connected Career. Your stuck with the EA ratings whether you like ‘em or not.

There are no longer imported NCAA draft classes from NCAA Football. And since you can’t edit rosters, you are stuck with the generic rookies. There is no work around to put guys like Matt Barkley in season 2 of your Madden franchise. There are only 30 completely made up generic draft classes in the game now, which you cannot edit anything about. If your like me, you can’t play NCAA without names, and you can’t continue a franchise in Madden without real NCAA players coming in.

You can no longer control all 32 teams, which some hardcore franchise guys liked to do to get more realism in their franchises. This doesn’t effect most people I’d think but I don’t get why this isn’t possible anymore. One other feature gone is Fantasy Draft. Alright, admit it – we’ve all done one of these from time to time and it was just something fun, not realistic really, but it was a way to see how you could build a team if every player in the NFL was available, but alas – Connected Careers says no to that.

My verdict on Connected Careers: New idea that hasn’t been done before, but it was like the EA Football games when the 360 and PS3 came out and you compared it to PS2 or the original Xbox – it looks cool, but where are all the little things?

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