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Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote – Round 3

DSL News March 29, 2013 0

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote - Round 3

Round 2 of the Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote is now finished with 16 players left. With 8 NFL legends and 8 NFL stars of today, Round 3 has begun with these players battling it out for the cover of the upcoming Madden. This round will go on through Wednesday, April 3rd with two brackets: Old School vs. New School.

Approximately 30 million hardcore NFL fans from around the globe have shown their support for their favorite players with Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, and Adrian Peterson being the most popular of all.

According to EA Sports’ and ESPN SportsNation, about 10 million more votes were cast this year compared to last year, which is nearly a 33% increase in voters!

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote - Results

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Old School Bracket

Barry Sanders vs. Marcus Allen -winner B. Sanders
Joe Montana vs. Jerome Bettise -winner J. Montana
Marshall Faulk vs. Dan Marino -winner D. Marino
Ray Lewis vs. LaDianian Tomlinson -winner R. Lewis
Michael Strahan vs. Kurt Warner -winner M. Strahan
Jerry Rice vs. Eddie George -winner J. Rice
Deion Sanders vs. Terrell Davis -winner D. Sanders
Troy Aikman vs. Tim Brown -winner T. Aikman

New School Bracket

Colin Kaepernick vs. AJ Green -winner C. Kaepernick
Russell Wilson vs. Von Miller -winner R. Wilson
Arian Foster vs. Julio Jones -winner A. Foster
Andrew Luck vs. Clay Matthews -winner A. Luck
Robert Griffin III vs. Doug Martin -winner R. Griffin III
Darrelle Revis vs. Rob Gronkowski -winner R. Gronkowski
Ray Wise vs. Des Bryant -winner R. Wise
Adrian Peterson vs. LeSean McCoy -winner A. Peterson


Old School Bracket

Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino
Barry Sanders vs. Ray Lewis
Jerry Rice vs. Michael Strahan
Deion Sanders vs. Troy Aikman

New School Bracket

Colin Kaepernick vs. Arian Foster
Russell Wilson vs. Andrew Luck
Robert Griffin III vs. Ray Rice
Adrian Peterson vs. Ron Gronkowski

If you would like to vote, visit or click here from your PC, mobile device, or tablet. Pepsi MAX in collaboration with ESPN and Madden NFL 25 are promoting live voting every Tuesday throughout the Madden Cover Vote campaign. If you would like to “Maximize” votes, tweet each player’s respective Cover Vote hash-tag and your vote will count as two instead of one.


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