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Madden 12 – Six things you need to know about Franchise Mode

mikesa_tx May 18, 2011 0
What up DSSers. Jon Robinson from ESPN The Gamer has released a preview earlier today on Six things you need to know about franchise mode in Madden 12.
Cut day. Watch a show like \”Hard Knocks,\” and it’s the most nerve-racking period in a player’s career. With one decision, some kid who has been dominating the gridiron at every level he has ever known finds out whether he’s cashing in all his hard work with the NFL or left contemplating life outside the lines and working 9 to 5 like the rest of us. And while cut days are circled on the calendars of every player, coach and hard-core fan, it’s one of those moments that gets lost in translation when it comes to NFL video games. I know when I start a franchise in \”Madden,\” most times I simulate right through the preseason because the games really don’t matter, and as long as all of my stars remain healthy I can care less about what happens before the season starts because the roster is already set.

But that all changes with \”Madden NFL 12.\” For the first time in franchise history, the game designers have actually increased the roster size to 75 players per team. The ratings for all rookies are locked heading into preseason and every week. A few of the ratings for each rookie are revealed as you play them in preseason and decide whether it’s worth it to keep a roster spot open for a hard-charging, late-round pick who might impress on special teams or cut him in favor of an aging veteran who might still have one good season left in the tank.

So what are the six things?

(1) Bidding for free agents
(2) Know Your Role
(3) Dynamic Player Performance
(4) Time For Change
(5) Future Draft Picks
(6) All The Small Things

What are you waiting for? Head over to ESPN The Gamer blog to read up on Robinson’s six things about Franchise Mode.

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