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Going On The Record Now: Bynum can be better than Dwight Howard

LC January 3, 2012 0

I’m going on the record now: I believe that Andrew Bynum has the potential to be better than Dwight Howard. I said it. Laugh, because I know a lot of you will want to, but after you’ve done that, think for a minute. Andrew Bynum is 2 years younger than Dwight and he’s been in the league for one less year, so by the time he’s Dwight’s age he’ll have been in the league for one more year than comparable Dwight Howard.

So far Bynum has shown glimpses of greatness, but unfortunately he’s been hit with rotten luck and we haven’t been able to see him put long stretches of season together. When the Lakers drafted Andrew, they saw something, and if Bynum can stay healthy, and keep his cool, we should begin to start seeing exactly what that was.

What I think that was, was the potential to be the best Center in the league. Shaq in his prime type of stuff, though dominant in a different way obviously because the times have changed. I know by this point, I’ve probably lost just about everyone who has read this far, but I still continue.

He’s had 29-13 and 18-16 in his first two games this season. Those are just the types of games that Dwight is known for. Andrew is just as fast as Dwight, he’s as good of a defender as Dwight, and he’s more skilled offensively. Besides, read how I’ve said this, I think he has the potential to be better, I’m in no way saying it will happen.

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