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First NCAA 12 Dynasty Mode Details Revealed

mikesa_tx May 19, 2011 0
Details of the dynasty mode in NCAA 12 have been released to IGN. Many people have been wanting the coach carousels in college football and one mode that is talked about is that of creating your own coach.
…EA and Tiburon have responded and given players the ability to create their own coaches from scratch. You can modify looks, set ages and even pick an alma mater. Save these changes, and you can share them with the world and every mode in your game.

That stuff might sound cosmetic, but it plays into the cool changes in Dynasty mode. When you start, you can choose to go be the head coach of whatever school you like, but the real challenge is taking on one of the new offensive or defensive coordinator slots and working your way up to running an entire team. Yes, this year you can be one of the assistant coaches and manage just one side of the ball for entire games. Do well, and the shot at a head coaching job might pop up.

Click here to check out the full article over at IGN.

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