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DSS NFL Sim League : Culpepper looks to rebound from two playoff-less years

brady2moss March 24, 2012 0

Daunte Culpepper’s production, particularily TD passes, has tailed off since his phenomenal first year as a starter. But Culpepper is pumped and says throwing for 4000 yards isn’t out of the question.

By leafs02

Minneapolis, Minnesota - It’s 6:00 pm, and most of the players have gone home from a hard day of wind sprints and workouts at the Minnesota Vikings training camp. But Daunte Culpepper is still on the Vikings facilities, bench pressing away another few reps getting ready for this season. It’s just another way that Culpepper has worked to improve after he threw for over 3800 yards last year – but also while throwing 23 picks. Culpepper has downplayed his abnormal pick total, however.

“It’s just a bump in the road. People keep talking about my picks and they never mention, um, when I run for 10 scores or something like that. Haters are gonna pick apart your game and you just gotta rise up above them and do your thang,” said Culpepper during his workout. “I know I can pass for 4000 yards and run for another 700-800.”

Culpepper will look to continue his amazing connection with Randy Moss, who was unavailible for comment. Moss left the practice facility early today as he usually does but who needs working out when you’re as physically gifted as Moss?

“Moss is one-of-a-kind,” said new General Manager leafs02, who was hired to take the place of the former GM who was fired after two playoff-less years. “I can’t guarantee for sure because of injuries and stuff but I’d have to say there will be a place for Randy in the hall of fame in about fifteen years.” The new GM has little NFL experience, ascending to the position after a 5-year stint as athletic director of the NCAA’s San Jose State Spartans and two years as a scout for the rival Detroit Lions. Leafs was glad to get out of Detroit and into his new position in Minnesota.

“Working with Matt Millen was a bitch,” said leafs. “All he wanted to do was draft those goddamn wide recievers”. This year there has been an unprecedented GM turnover in the league, however, with countless teams, even playoff teams, letting go of their former GMs for some new blood. Leafs is glad that he’s one of those new guys.

“It’s been my dream ever since I was a little guy playing Strat-o-matic football to manage a football team,” said leafs. “Now getting a team that already has Culpepper and Moss? My job just got so much easier”. Still, leafs knows that the playoffs won’t be a cakewalk this year, especially for a team that sent 5-11 and 6-10 in the two past years and has to play two games against Brett Favre and the hated Green Bay Packers every year. Still, leafs thinks his team can contend this year if the pieces fit right. “If I don’t have a ring on my hand in a decade,” said leafs, holding up his right hand, “then I’ll have failed as a GM.”

Super Bowl dreams already? We can only hope that the rest of the Vikings are as ambitious as their new GM.

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