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DSS NBA Franchise Hall Of Fame Inductions

LC February 26, 2012 1

Even though the official induction is a little late this year, all of the NBA 2k11 Franchises that were inducted into the DSS NBA Franchise Hall Of Fame have been in that section for quite some time.  Congrats to the following people’s franchises’ for being inducted to the DSS NBA Franchise Hall of Fame.

Big C-Dub - Wiz Kids

GSW92 - Restarting A Broken Franchise | Golden State Warriors

DeeJay – Air Canada & RunGMC

KimJong – Magic in DC

Indy – Shipping Up To Boston

BasedGlenn – Run With The Pack

Flight – An Empire State Of Mind

mfbmike - Building Around D-Will | New Jersey Nets Basketball

Agent - Coast To Coast

RecksJr - Trent Maxwell: D’Elite 2 Elite [NBA 2k11]

GR5Noles - Revitalizing the Garden

Congratulations guys!

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