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Destination Howard

Derrville December 11, 2011 0


Exciting and unpredictable can describe the last few days of the NBA off season. In not a overly deep free agent pool the main focus of NBA analysts and fans alike have been the speculation of where a few big time free agents might land, one of them being Orlando Magic Center, Dwight Howard.




Orlando Magic: It doesn’t look very likely but the team that drafted Howard number one overall in the 2004 draft could pull some last minute “magic” from under their seat. Howard has spoken publicly about his love for the City of Orlando and the Magic fans and the Magic fans have proclaimed their love for Howard as well however a chance at a championship seems unlikely as Orlando needs a few pieces to surround Howard with, pieces that wont come this year. With Howard set to be a free agent in 2012 anyway, the writing is on the wall for his eventual departure. Howard just wants a early head start.




La Lakers: The Lakers remind me of the New York Yankees. They go out and sign big time names to surround Kobe Bryant with in hopes of capturing yet another NBA championship. After CP3 to LA fizzled out, the Lakers set their sites on grabbing the All star big man in hopes of replacing Paul Gasol. Howard wants a championship and teaming up with Kobe Bryant might be one of the best ways to go about accomplishing that goal. The Lakers have both Gasol and Andrew Bynum to deal and should be in the Howard sweepstakes to the very end.




New Jersey Nets: The most likely of all Howard’s potential landing spots. If Howard had his way he’d be off to Jersey to play along side rising star point guard Deron Williams. The Nets head office has been planning to get Williams someone he could count on to help carry this team to the next level for a while now and Dwight Howard is one of the most dominating big men in the league. The Nets will have plenty to give the Magic with two first round picks and could potentially make a deal involving another team in hopes of giving them more lee way to maneuver. However they do it, if the Nets are able to secure Howard, look for Williams to resign with the Nets next season and big things to come for this potential duo in the future.




Dallas Mavericks: With the loss of Tyson Chandler to the Knicks, Dallas is in need of a dominating big man once again. Cuban believed Dirk didn’t need the help of another superstar player to bring a ring to Dallas for the first time and he was right. Dirk had one of the greatest playoff performances in NBA history and lead the Mavs to their first title win ever over the Heat in 6 games. With that out of the way Cuban is now free to bring in whoever he wants and Howard should be at the top of their list. The Mavs only issue is that they don’t have much to really offer but don’t be surprised if Howard suits up in blue once more. Only this time it will be Mavericks blue.




However the Dwight Howard saga ends its going to be bittersweet. The man obviously loves the city that drafted him and turned him into the face of the franchise but he also feels like its time to move on. You only get one time around,” Howard told reporters in Orlando. “You get one chance at this. You can’t press the reset button…Once this is done — once I’m done playing — I can’t turn back the hands of time and play again.” Determined and focused at what he wants to do, Howards landing spot will almost certainly make that team big time favorites to win it all.





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