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Custom Playbooks return in “NCAA Football 12″

LC May 11, 2011 0

Custom playbooks in NCAA 12 is just one new feature this year

It’s what EA college football gamers have been awaiting for on the next-gen systems. A feature that has not made the cut in any of the next-gen editions of NCAA Football, all the way back to NCAA Football 07 is finally in. The last time we saw custom playbooks was in NCAA Football on the last-gen consoles, and since then the Wildcat, the Pistol, and other formations have been created and put into the games. However you could only use them by picking a certain team’s playbook and you were stuck with their preassigned formations.

In NCAA Football 12, you can create your offense and defense playbooks to run your style of offense. Now you can have the I-Form, the Maryland I, the Flexbone, the Diamond, the Wildcat and any formation that is included in the game all in one playbook customized to your likings. On defense, you can mix and match to make your defense more creative and keep your opponents off guard with a variety of alignments.

In one playbook, you can have 15 playbooks for offense and defense – with 40 formations to select from to make your playbook as basic or as advanced as you’d like. Don’t think you can only use these playbooks offline as they will be available for use in Online Dynasty and in ranked and unranked matches. The max number of plays is set from 370-377, depending if the team has a basic set Goal Line package or a more advanced one.

Users can also start a playbook from scratch or if they already like a team’s playbook they can edit their preset playbook to their likings. NCAA Football 11 brought us formation subs, and now NCAA Football 12 will bring us custom playbooks helping take NCAA Football to the next level in creativity.

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