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Boom or Bust Year for Miami’s Jacory Harris

LC June 13, 2011 0

Boom or bust year for senior Jacory Harris

Kesley Charles,Digital Sports Scene
Posted Jun 13, 2011

Two years ago, Jacory Harris looked like the next great quarterback to play at the U. He had good size,athletic and a pretty good arm and graduated from the prospect factory called Miami Northwestern. Now entering his senior year, Jacory has not lived up to the expectations and many have already put the recruit bust label on him, and deserving so. Let’s take a brief look at Jacory’s career.
Jacory had an illustrious career while he attended Miami Northwestern and had a 30-0 record as a starter. During his senior year, he had a sixty seven percent completion percentage, forty nine touchdowns and just six interceptions, and led them to the high school football national championship.
He split time during his freshman year with Robert Marve and managed to throw for over a thousand yard, despite only starting two games. He also led Miami to two comebacks against Duke and Virginia. Another highlight was during an interview with Dan LeBatard, Jacory announced that he will pick up his Heisman Trophy in a pink suit and a pimp cup in one hand. It’s funny since Jacory has yet to even become a contender for the Heisman.
Marve eventually transferred to Purdue, opening the door for Jacory and he went right in. During the first game of his sophomore season against FSU, Jacory had 386 yards passing (a career high and 10th highest in school history) with two passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. Jacory would go on to a hot start besides the Virginia Tech game and the Hurricanes were ranked #9 at one point in the season. Jacory eventually cooled down after a disappointing performance against North Carolina, throwing four picks.
Jacory’s junior season was a complete failure if you ask me. He came in with a lot of hype, some even said he was a dark horse for the Heisman, ironic now that you think about it. Jacory simply tried to make the big play and win it all on every play and it cost both the Canes and his health. One play in particular comes to mind when Miami played Virginia. Jacory got knocked out of the game and threw a pick on the same play because instead of checking it down, he held on to it for about three more seconds then the line could hold and left his body completed unprotected as he went for a deep throw. As much as I admire the bravery, it costs a pick and our quarterback. Jacory needs to understand that he doesn’t need to win it for Miami, he just needs to not lose it.
To Jacory’s defense, he ran a spread offense while at Northwestern and isn’t a drop back, make several reads kind of quarterback. He hasn’t had a great quarterback coach either. Mark Whipple’s achievements as a quarterback coach is extremely thin, as he has only worked with one successful quarterback, Big Ben. New OC/QB Coach Jedd Fisch doesn’t have an impressive resume either besides Matt Hassellbeck so we will have to wait and see.
While I or any Canes fan expect Jacory to be Cam Newton next season, we are hoping we see some improvement. Jacory has zero to no chance of making a NFL roster, so he might as well enjoy this season and try to remove the bust label from his name.

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