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Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 part 2: Why Modern Warfare is better

Chillcavern January 29, 2012 0

Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are the latest versions of two of the most critically and commercially successful First Person Shooter franchises. Fans everywhere hotly debate which one is better, and it’s largely personal preference. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but in the end both are similar and the little differences are what makes the most impact on picking the one you want to play. This is part two of a two part series, covering what Modern Warfare (and Call of Duty in genreal) does the best and why it makes it a more fun overall experience.


1. Survival Mode - Call of Duty was one of the pioneers in the survival game types that dominate shooters now. Starting in 2008 with Call of Duty: World at War’s zombies mode. WaW and Gears of War 2′s Horde Mode set a new standard for what should be in a shooter game. The basic premise is simple: live as long as you can against a limitless amount of enemies that get increasingly hard. Zombies made a return in 2010′s Call of Duty: Black Ops, but not in the Infinity-Ward made Modern Warfare 2. However, Modern Warfare 3 contains it’s own survival mode. It’s fairly standard survival trope, with one or two soldiers stranded with a large enemy force coming their way, but as CoD has not had a typical survival  mode(Zombies is well, zombies) this is still a big thing.

The simple but deep mode can lead to hours of fun. On more than one occasion I have spent hours with my friends sitting in a room killing increasingly hard enemies.

Modern Warfare 3's survival mode is a blast

The hardest of these is the Juggernaut, introduced in Modern Warfare 2. However, survival offers more than just killing enemies. You have several tools at your disposal, such as the Predator Missile (which kills a Juggernaut in one shot), a gun shop, Perks like Slight of Hand (faster reload) and Self Revive (fairly self explanatory), Body Armor, Explosives such as C4 and Claymores. However, most of these are level-based unlocks and thus more reasons to play this game mode more. Nothing is as helpful as a turret that can watch an entrance while you deal with a breaking in your other entrance. With the ability to play on 16 maps, each unlocked in sets of 4 as parts of tiers (Easy, Regular, Hard, Insane) , this game type is a great way to whittle away the hours and kill some time while hanging with your friends.


2. Customization - One of the biggest features of the groundbreaking Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was the introduction of completely customized loadouts and perks. Want to have 5 different sniper classes? Go ahead. Want to run a complete stealth class so that you can be completely unseen by radar and air support? That’s easy. These possibilities and obviously many more return in Modern Warfare 3, which has the most complete customization of every Call of Duty. It has added another customization slot, the weapon proficiency slot, which allows you, among other things, to have two attachments, reduced recoil, and other things.  It has removed two of the longest standing gripes of Call of Duty players, Last Stand/Second Chance and Stopping Power (although that was removed in Black Ops first). It also split the “Stealth” perk into two different perks. Now stealth players have to be more committed than ever to remaining unseen. The Commando perk, which increased knife range, is also gone.

This complete customization has led to several pitfalls, including the exceeding popularity of quickscoping and a “dominate class”.

The perk selection screen

However, as Modern Warfare 3 is the fifth game to use this system, the basic system is incredibly polished, and Infinity Ward has chosen the path of waiting until the next installment to fix issues like this, giving them time to not overreact to issues and properly think of a solution. Plus, this leads to immense satisfaction when one hears a long standing gripe has been removed.

The ability to change what perks are used allows players to use classes that completely cater to their playing style. Snipers have helpful perks, such as Marksman that help in seeing targets to kill and giving a longer time to hold your breath. Additional helpful perks to snipers would be Blind Eye and Assassin, giving the sniper the advantage of complete surprise. Run and gunners have many helpful options, with Sleight of Hand, Scavenger and Extreme Conditioning all being potentially helpful – and they all use the same slot, so you can only pick one. This kind of debate and trial and error to find which perks suit you the best is part of the fun of Modern Warfare.


3. Killstreaks – Call of Duty 4 also introduced another innovative feature – Killstreaks. A player would get rewarded for three kills in a row with a UAV, 5 in a row with an airstrike, and 7 in a row earned the helicopter. Killstreaks have gone a long way since then, with Modern Warfare 2 introducing the ability to pick 3 killstreaks from a larger list, including a killstreak that could end the game (it was 25 kills in a row though). That killstreak has since been removed, but it is symbolic of the innovation that occurs when you build a game on top of a solid engine that does not require constant tweaking.  Modern Warfare 3 has tied killstreaks to specific classes, letting you choose different killstreak setups for different classes and thus different playstyles. For example, a Sniper would want a different setup than someone running around like a maniac. Modern Warfare 3 has also introduced the 3 different types of killstreak setups: Assualt(which is classic CoD style), Support (which are killstreaks that carry over from life to life but require more kills than Assualt and are more team based in nature), and Specialist (which grants a perk for every two kills without dying and an 8 killstreak grants all the perks). The 25 killstreak has also been added to every class without the need to use a slot on it, and it does not end the game but rather it kills every enemy instead.


The Support Killstreaks


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