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Are you buying Madden 12?

LC June 2, 2011 0

The last couple of yours we have all been disappointed by Madden. Some more than others, but like myself we have some consistent buyers. This year I feel that this might change. With the NFL Lockout STILL in affect, sales may decrease. With new screen shots coming out in the recent days, and big news coming at E3 I ask you are you purchasing Madden this year?

I am one of the consistent buyers, and even with the lockout I will need my fix of NFL Football. Madden 11 won’t cut it for another year. From everything I have read and seen this years version is looking to be a lot better, some saying this is the year it catches up with NCAA. I don’t believe so, Ian Cummings left Madden for a reason. He knows there will be more bad than good in the next bit. I think Madden 12 will be an improvement, but one game can not change the opinion of millions of people.

Some people will wait on the demo, but as proved last year the demo can be completely different from the actually game. When I played the demo last year I thought they had improved the game play, but when playing the actual play learned that the game flow was one of the worser additions I have seen. We can only hope Madden gets back on the board, but no matter what they will make their sales.

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