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5 Things NCAA ’13 Needs – Part 1 – Dynasty Mode Presentation

Iron Dragon January 3, 2012 0

This is the first part of a five part series of what I think NCAA Football 13 needs to be a better game. While things in here may never happen, I can surely hope someday it may happen. I hope to finish this series before the first info for ’13 comes out which is generally around March. Today, is part one on dynasty mode presentation.

Doesn’t Dynasty Mode seem a bit bland despite the fact that EA has ESPN in their game? I think NBA 2K12′s association mode presentation is fantastic and an adaptation of that in NCAA 13 would be incredible. Even College Hoops 2K8′s presentation – a game released in 2007 was better than EA’s NCAA Football 12. Go even farther back to ESPN NFL 2K5 – better than what we got now if you really think about it.

2K has done a lot right in their presentation. College Hoops had a weekly highlight show, and a special show for the tournament selection show – even then it had things like how many teams from each conference were in, along with what teams didn’t make it and barely did. Now you can’t adapt certain things from a basketball game – but you can surely take notes from it. 2K has halftime reports, along with “the Spark” after the third quarter, saying what the difference has been – either revolving around a player or what has happened in the game thus far. 2K also keeps you informed during the game – score updates from around the league, conference standings, league leaders, stat comparisons etc.

When I’m playing NBA 2K, it doesn’t seem like I’m just playing the game, it’s also like I’m watching it with all the info they throw at you. EA only talks about the game right then and there. What if I’m playing a team and they have their backup QB because their starter is hurt – is it so hard to show me his stats from last week? What if I’m going up against a Heisman favorite – show him how he breaks down vs. the other candidates. Maybe show generated highlights of him from earlier in the season? Heck, they don’t even need to add that – maybe just a simple mention of how a conference game breaks down in the standings and showing me how the other teams have done in their games or who they are playing. When you think about it, there are a lot of little things you don’t see in EA’s games that you see in others or see on TV.

Generally in most games they break down the impact players and starting lineups. 2K does this, EA doesn’t. I would like to see this in NCAA ’13 – show me some stats too. That way I don’t have to research a team as much – tell me if their QB is on the hot seat from the fans if he’s not doing well. On ESPN broadcasts, I know they have a bottom bar showing scores and updates from around the nation – I think that would also be a nice touch. Every once in awhile, it could pop up with scores and showing stats from key players and tell me about key injuries, big plays etc. ESPN does this on saturdays, so why can’t I see it on my virtual saturday showdowns in dynasty mode?

There are so many things EA could do and it’s a lot of little things for dynasty mode presentation. Crowds seem bland for big games, so why can’t I schedule a “white-out” or Senior Day and then have a special introduction with the seniors on the team before the game. Let’s say you are four years into your dynasty and are about to play Ohio State/Michigan for the fourth time – maybe show me the results of the previous three years? Why are the celebrations in games so crappy? Score a TD in a big game to take the lead and you should see fans and players going crazy. What about seeing fans rush the field and celebrating with the players after an upset? It’s the little stuff that’s missing. The little things could also make the game a lot better.

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