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2k Rookies Models Leaked onto XBOX 360 2kShare on NBA 2k12

LC December 4, 2011 1

For those who already haven’t figured out already, someone input the real rookies into 2k12. These rookies aren’t official, but they’re the exact same model that 2k was planning on releasing in a week or so. If you can’t wait for for the official rookies, then you might as well download these. If you’re wondering how someone was able to put them into the game, well, it’s done through hexing and edits. It’s a bit complicated to explain how it’s done exactly, but that shouldn’t matter. Remember, these rookies are done without black arms, they have the correct accessories, numbers, and information.

How do i download these rosters?

1.) Go on 2k Share
2.) Hit the Y button to search for the rosters
3.) Search “Gamertag”
4.) Type “candidhornet24″

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