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2k Releases Codes for New Jerseys on NBA 2k12

LC January 23, 2012 0

Wooo, finally.  Check out the new codes for new jerseys on NBA 2k12.

EDIT: to get these to work, you must use lowercase letters when putting in the code, thanks to Agent.

Among the new NBA 2K12 jerseys are Miami’s “black in black” uniforms. Want ‘em? Enter these codes below (go look good ballin’ now):
• Hcsilapadatu – Secondary road uni’s: 76ers / Jazz / Kings / Mavericks
• Ibyasmliancbhlald – Christmas uni’s: Bulls / Celtics / Heat / Knicks / Lakers / Mavericks
• Albkbinkcca – Heat: Back in Black
• Liyrimta – Raptors: Military Night

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